Checklist for Your Mortgage Loan Application

Everything you may be required to provide to process your loan

Copy of Your Driver’s License
30 Days Most Recent Paystubs
2 Years W2’s and 2 Years of Full Tax Returns (if self-employed, 1099 or contract)
Contact Name & Phone Number for Human Resources to Verify Employment
Most Recent 2 Months Bank Statements (all pages on all accounts)
Most Recent Statements Covering a 60 Day History for Your 401K, IRA, Retirement etc.
Home Owner’s Insurance Contact Information

If you are Self– Employed and receive a K1, we will need 2 years of Business Returns in addition to the above.

If you are applying for a VA Loan, please include a copy of your DD214 and Certificate of Eligibility.


Things to Avoid While Applying for a Mortgage

We understand life happens, but in an ideal situation it is helpful to avoid the following when applying for a mortgage and during the mortgage process.  If any of these occur, please let us know as soon as possible.

  • Name changes
  • Changing or quitting your job
  • Non-payroll deposits greater than 25% of your monthly income
  • Not filing tax returns
  • Making large purchases (buying a car or boat)
  • Multiple addresses (Driver’s License, W-2, Pay Stub, Tax Return)
  • Opening new credit accounts
  • Last minute requests for Power of Attorney
  • Withdrawing money from a credit account for down payment

Become a Certified Homebuyer today

Looking to purchase a home?  Want to make an offer that’s almost as strong as a cash offer?  Look no further than our CERTIFIED HOMEBUYER PROGRAM, the strongest approval in the industry. The significant difference between this certified approval and a pre-approval is the borrower’s income, assets, and credit are verified and approved by an underwriter.

Validated items include:

  • Credit report approved
  • Sufficient income documented to qualify
  • All funds for closing verified
  • No other known credit issues exist that could prevent on-time closing.

What does all that mean?  It means your loan is underwritten and approved with the specific property “To Be Determined.”  The seller will know you are fully approved as a buyer allowing you to stand out among those that are just pre-approved. All that remains, following your Certified Homebuyer approval, are property specific conditions- such as inspection, appraisal, title, insurance, etc.

Once you find the home you want to purchase, you’re on the fast track to the closing table, often being able to close in as few as eight days. Let’s get you certified today!