Refinancing and Your Appraisal

How much is your house worth? You may have a figure in mind, but you’ll need to hire a professional appraiser to evaluate your property before you jump into the refinance process.

I can help you get the appraisal process started. In an effort to get an accurate and timely appraisal, you’ll want to provide the appraiser with the following information.

  • Survey of the house and property
  • Deed or title report showing legal description
  • Recent real estate tax bill
  • List of personal property that would be sold with the house
  • Copy of the original plans and specifications
  • Date of purchase and the purchase price
  • List of recent improvements
It’s optimal to refinance when your home’s value is high, since you may be able to borrow more or eliminate the need for mortgage insurance. However, if your appraisal comes in lower than expected, there are proactive steps we can discuss that may still help you close the deal.

Please contact me if I can assist you in weighing out all the pros and cons. I’d love to put my expertise to work for your benefit, and will also appreciate the opportunity to help anyone you know who has home financing needs.

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