Everything is negotiable

Most people are prepared to negotiate when they go car shopping. But, what about when buying a home? Savvy homebuyers understand that everything is negotiable!

It’s a good idea to sharpen your negotiating skills, or work with a talented real estate professional that can help you negotiate the best deal. Here are some areas that have room for negotiation.

•    The purchase price
•    When you can move in
•    Painting: Part of the home or the whole thing
•    Repairs: Roof, plumbing, windows, etc.
•    Yard: Landscaping, removal of unwanted trees or bushes, etc.
•    Fixtures: Which lights, fans and appliances stay or go
•    Furniture: Whether the seller will leave certain pieces

I recommend working with an experienced professional who knows the market and is ready to negotiate on your behalf. Please let me know if you need a referral to one of the preferred real estate agents in my network.

My team and I are ready to help you secure the best loan program to meet your needs. Please contact me to schedule a consultation. Our goal is to provide you with such great service, that you will gladly refer your family and friends to us for assistance with their mortgage planning.

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