Some Tips for Easy & Inexpensive Upgrades!

Don’t wait until you’re ready to sell your home to make easy upgrades that you can enjoy today! Here are five inexpensive tips that will increase the curb appeal of your home immediately.

1.    Spruce up a room with a new paint job. An average room can be easily transformed for under $100. To get a quick estimate, Google your favorite home improvement center for a paint coverage calculator.

2.     Get a new mailbox made of quality materials. Depending upon the style that best suits your home, choose brass, iron, or other quality materials.

3.    Add quality door knobs made of brass, glass, or other suitable materials. You will appreciate the better quality each time you open a door. Future prospective buyers will also notice them as they go through your house.

4.    Replace that worn, dirty doormat with a fresh new one to add that extra touch to a potential buyer’s (or your) enjoyment!

5.    Bold street numbers made of brass, iron, ceramic or other quality materials make your home noticeable and easy to find.

All of these easy upgrades can be done with very little time and investment! And, please give me a call if there’s anything I can do for you.

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