House Hacking?

With as much as a 7 percent annual appreciation rate, house hacking—a live-in real estate investment strategy—is gaining in popularity across the country. Living in a multi-unit building, while renting out the unused spaces, allows for owner-occupied loans not available to most investment properties. Once some capital has been created, one can simply acquire and develop other properties in the same manner. CNBC has an article, here.


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Affordable Housing For Seniors Presents a Challenge

National Mortgage News has a piece today on Seniors having a hard time finding affordable housing. The Bipartisan Policy Center has assembled a task force to initiate a dialogue with the federal government, and inspire positive change to tackle the problem, going forward. The lower-income aging population is rising rapidly, and the task force has some intriguing propositions, here.


Available, Accessible, Affordable

Scam Targeting Home Buyers

The Better Business Bureau is suggesting homeowners exercise caution during the home buying process to avoid a scam that could empty your bank account. Apparently, hackers have been posing as real estate and title agents to trick homeowners into sending money. Most importantly, never send financial information via email. Watch a video, and read more to protect yourself, here.


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