Paying More Money for Less Mortgage

Assessing your mortgage limits and how much house you can afford should start well before you actually sign. Well after you sign, you should continue to think about your monthly payment. Paying off your mortgage early may be one of the smartest investments you can make in some cases. Paying more each month can ultimately free up your money, and lots more of it, later in life. Here are four ways you can pay off your mortgage early and enjoy the benefits of no mortgage payments later. Read more here.

Choosing Remodeling over Moving

Housing construction is on the rise across the nation and so too is remodeling. Driven in some part by the desire of many homeowners to stay in their current homes rather than move, remodeling is finding itself on the rise across the country. With home values appreciating, many homeowners see this as a great time to invest in improving their surroundings. Baby boomers are leading the way in the remodeling boom, choosing to create a haven now that their children are moving on. Keeping your long-time neighbors and making a nicer home is what it’s all about for some. Read more here.


Choose Your Colors!

Colors can change the look and feel of your home or any room therein. Choosing the newest colors and complimentary palates can keep your home looking fresh and current, and add a renewed feel. By following a few choice guides and having a bit of inspiration, you can take even the simplest ideas and turn them into great works. Check out these tips and pointers for choosing, applying, and working with color to enhance your living space. Read more here.

Due Diligence Pays Off

‘Measure twice, cut once’ is used so often, it’s cliché. But that doesn’t mean it’s not practical advice. In the mortgage industry, measuring twice means checking and rechecking the information and background in mortgage applications. Knowing before owing is key to a healthy deal that will benefit both parties. One tool that is an excellent resource is PACER. PACER is Public Access to Court Electronic Records, and many mortgage professionals. And people from many other industries, find it invaluable in conducting their due diligence, and you can use it too! PACER is found online, and you can learn more here. 

13 Things You Should Check Out Before You Make An Offer

Looking for a new home, especially your first home, is an exciting time. But don’t let the excitement take your eyes off the task at hand: buying a solid house that is a wise investment. After all, this ‘house’ you are looking at might very well end up being your ‘home’! When you are shopping, making some of these observations yourself can give you guidance as to whether or not you need to bring in a pro to do a full inspection. Check out what you should look for up-front in this article.

No Review of Rescission

The Supreme Court recently heard arguments in a case challenging the wording and intent of rescission. Rescission is the voiding of a contract between two parties.  In this case, the focus is on borrowers voiding contracts with lenders, and the verdict is good news for borrowers. The Court gave a clear and undeniable decision that the statute means just what it says. In the case of Jesinoski v. Countrywide Home Loans the Court clearly denied the lender’s position that the lendee must initiate legal action for a rescission to be recognized. The Court slammed that premise and rendered all remaining objections invalid and meaningless. Read more on the Court’s decision and how it affects borrowers here

Save Money and The Planet with Solar

Solar power is now more affordable in over 80% of the biggest U.S. cities. Solar is not only a money saver, but it’s a great investment in your home as well. Solar is no longer the exclusive domain of the wealthy, and there is a clear gap in the reality and the perception of solar. In certain states, extra solar electricity can be sold back into the grid. It’s even a better dollar for dollar investment than the S&P 500. Find out more here.